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PRE-ORDER: Estimated time of ship out in mid of August 2019


Shipping in the US takes 1-2 weeks business days. We ship from Florida via UPS
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International shipping takes 7-14 business days. Some countries can take up to 21 days.  We ship from the closest warehouse.
**Customer may be required to pay local VAT or Taxes**
Please be aware that delays can occur due to holidays and unforeseen events. This means it can take an additional 1-4 weeks in the delivery time. ORDER EARLY to ensure timely delivery.

Product features

Measure and display

Smart Alerts

Air pollution detector (TVOC, CO2)

How to share data with friends and family on mtn


Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT, webhooks


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You can also contact our Support team at support@thenaran.com.